In this video, Austin Evans really takes the new Lenovo Legion 9i fully apart to see what makes it tick.

If you've been curious to see what the innovative liquid cooling actually looks like, Austin has you covered this video! Head over to Austin Evans YouTube channel for news and reviews on all the latest tech.

  • Is incredible super power.

  • Really cool to see the internals and how the new laptop is made and runs!

  • Some beefing cooling on the 9i! Only thing missing from the hardware is CAMM instead of SODIMM for the RAM modules (at least in my opinion) Slight smileEgg

  • 3rd egg found, woot woot

  • When Austin does it he's a legit cool guy. But when I try and do it using a sledgehammer as a lever, I'm seen as Some sort of Egg-extravagant villain!