Austin Evans upgrades his brand-new Lenovo Legion Go and talks through his thoughts on the device and its performance.

What do you all think of the Legion Go? Are you planning to try it out?

  • Love Austin and loved the review, one day i will get my hands on one!!

  • Let us hear you thoughts if you get some time to play around with it. 

  • I would love to try is out, but might first be in 2024. Was wondering how the screen compares to the glasses (and is there a clip on gaming glasses for people with glasses, like sunglasses) would be really great to know. Still waiting on some major testing of it before I make up my mind. 

  • That's a decent review, I like the Legion Go and hopefully will get to try it out very soon depending what I actually won from the Legion Go stream recently. It would have been good if he showed how he set up the new nvme (cloned or recovered using a downloaded factory image to usb media for example)