We gave Dave2D early access to the Legion Go, check out his impressions in the video above.

Dave was particularly impressed with the FPS mode and how many additional games it really opens up for you play on a handheld gaming device. Head over to Dave's channel to see all of his videos around the latest tech!

  • The controller/mouse function is such a clever idea. Would love that for my PC.

  • I think Legion Go is perfect.

  • Is beautiful.

  • The controller that works as a mouse is an impressively clever feature, and it is full of other nice design surprises. Legion Go will surely stand out among other handheld consoles and PCs, being an interesting and innovative product for gaming.

  • I really like the glasses to get a better and bigger view. I would still love to see some independent YouTubes taking it through a lot of tests. But it really look like a nice handheld device.