Good in Gaming is a new series on the Lenovo Gaming Community where we interview different gaming charities and learn about what they do and how other gamers can help.

This episode is all about Gamers Outreach: a charity doing some great things using the power of video gamers to improve the lives of hospitalized children and their families.

Head to to learn more about how you can get involved and help!

  • Think this is good but not sure re getting children too addicted to computer games. I'd prefer art work, books etc for the children or gardens, in hospitals for the children to enjoy 

  • That is a very cool initiative, because staying in hospitals is quite boring and a little fun can help make that stay easier. 

  • No doubt these carts are going to be in demand by children in hospitals. How much does each cart cost and are the parts easily replaceable/upgradable? Do they have unique games installed or do they have games that you'd find, say, on Steam on them? I think it'd be very cool to do a community fundraiser for a nearby hospital to have one. Is there a waiting list?

  • It's kinda great to see young gamers contributing towards charity and using the "power of video gamers to improve the lives of hospitalized children and their families". I feel a great sense of happiness towards people/ organisations/great companies that contribute towards charity and works of kindness. Thanks, Lenovo gaming community for the "Good in Gaming" as it's really insightful.

  • Good to watch !!