Check out what Hardware Canucks has to say about the new 2024 Legion 7i.

We agree that the redesigned cooling system and enhanced CPU performance take last year's Slim 7i to new heights.

Let us know what if you agree on the Glacier White!

  • Now that's a pretty cool slick design.

  • love how clean it is, and the color... wow!

  • It looks awesome but I'll never understand why putting the trackpad on the left instead that on the right when most people are right handed and it bothers me so much while gaming

  • it's so clean!

  • The Glacier White really looks great and so clean, my first pickup would be a sleeve or dedicated back where that nice new laptop does not get any marks.

    Still I would have loved to see more about the different parts and how they handle under more workloads, but I'm sold on the stylish finish.