Meet Jason, Lenovo's Head of Virtual Reality!

Ben sat down with Jason on a recent livestream to talk about his background with gaming/VR, trends happening in the AR/VR/MR space, plus tons of thoughts on generative AI and more.

Check out the interview above!

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  • I can't wait to see how this will evolve.

  • really enjoyed this interview and the route it took!

  • Really interesting, above all, the appearance of the characteristics of the glass and where the user focuses their vision. Thanks Jason and Ben Well maybe, on education field, its not necessary to be present on schools, because thats expensive and also the students need to learn on a non-virtual way, but maybe could be some kind of building or infrastructure where once per some time, the students go there, use the VR and learn or improve some kind of ability. On my field, hospitals, for medical students would be great if can't assist directly on surgery due to small space in the operating room, could attend to one with VR, or could have some Mixed Reality with x-ray, computed tomography or magnetic resonance imaging near your vision to improve the accuracy during the operation.


    One thing that I am especially curious about, is if your are working on creating a system in which you can achieve virtual reality and be able to move around on a platform on your own house, in order to recreate virtual environments, like walk through ancient Rome or through New York or Barcelona as if you were in Google Maps Street View, to be able to walk through cities. Or in gaming, to participate on racing games with movement seats like 4DX cinemas, or participate virtualy on DayD or any FPS game.

    Another question: Have you spoken with ophthalmologists about the problems that virtual reality can cause in the long term? (I do not include augmented reality). Because it is already known that the pathology of dry eye and myopia due to the use of cell phones or looking at the screen a lot in children is increasing greatly. Maybe think about a preventive protocol, that would be great and would feel more secure for parents. On this hand, would (or should) there be a legal age limit to use this technology?

    Thanks from Spain, Jason, for your work.