Welcome to Legion Monthly for March 2024!

Get all the latest gaming news and updates from March 2024 in this episode of Legion Monthly! I cover new releases like Horizon Forbidden West, Dragon's Dogma 2, South Park Snow Day, and more. We also discuss the big Apex Legends update, details on the Elden Ring DLC, Xbox titles coming to PlayStation/Switch, and what Legion staff have been playing recently. Plus, hear about upcoming Legion giveaways for gaming laptops, monitors, in-game item bundles for Apex Legends and another unannounced game.

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Legion Go/Laptop Giveaways:

  • Would love one of these! 

  • oh the elden ring dlc, a reminder i need to complete the main game first hahah

  • Looking foward to the Elden Ring DLC and definately gonna be playing Horizon Forbidden West soon. Taco

  • This is awesome! And would love to get some video time markers for what is being covered too

  • Taco!

    Lenovo Helldivers Legion spreading democracy throughout the universe seemingly, so it would be great to see another Lenovo Staff session on the Twitch Channel with this game and a couple of different guests faces if possible from the ones who commented about the game in the video.

    South Park Snow Day looks a lot of fun and I really want to get Horizon Forbidden West at some point.

    I think it's good that platform exclusives are beginning to be phased out. The future of Xbox I believe is as a subscription and streaming service to any device rather than in continuing with console hardware and exclusive titles just to sell them.

    Sony and Nintendo may continue down that route (especially Nintendo who push the innovation and boundaries of new controller styles successfully for the most part) but part of the reason I and others no longer really keep up with consoles is the much wider selection of games and services you can access on a PC or handheld like the Legion Go.