Welcome back to Legion Update, keeping you up to speed on all that is happening in the Legion Gaming Community!

November is shaping up to be an incredible month in the gaming world with new releases, and as always, great giveaways right here on the site. Lets dive right into the news!

Right off the bat, we are talking about Modern Warfare 2 and the map “Santa Seńa Border Crossing.” The map is stirring up a bit of controversy because gamers have the ability to blow up cars, and there are a lot on this map! Some people are saying it distracts from the gameplay and can be a hindrance to the enjoyment of the map. 

In NASCAR news (yes you read that right!) professional driver Ross Chastain used a crazy technique he learned from playing NASCAR 2006 on the Gamecube back when he was just 8 years old. Ross had nothing to lose in 10th place while in an actual real-life race, so he slingshot his car along the wall during a turn, as he had done so many times in the video game version, and ended up moving up 5 spots to help him qualify for the final! See mom? Video games are not a waste of time! 

Bradley from last month's video left a comment saying that peanut butter taffy bites were the worst candy ever. Cale stated that Circus Peanuts were the worst. We are sensing a theme with peanuts! We appreciate the comments and be sure to let us know your answer to this month’s question which is: What's your favorite user-created mod? 

Check out the free wallpapers entitled: “Exigency” and “Erie.”

Duane is currently playing Grand Theft Auto 5, and Michael is playing F1 Manager. The big November releases include Sonic Frontiers, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, and Goat Simulator 3.

Finally, we dive into the most exciting things this month: big gaming giveaways! In the US you can enter to win a Legion Slim 7i, and in the UK you could win an amazing Legion 5 laptop! If you’re in the UK, there’s the Legion Post of the Month contest ongoing, so you can win prizes just for being an active member!

Be sure to keep an eye on the website for Black Friday sales! What new game releases are you excited about? What is happening in your gaming world?

Any questions for Michael and Duane? Leave a comment below and we will give you a shout-out in later episodes!

  • That NASCAR slingshot was amazing to see, that's coming from someone that doesn't even follow the sport. Finding out that he got it from video games was even more crazy

  • I love this format. Short, straight to the point videos under 10 minutes.
    I definitely agree with what Michael has to say about Santa Seńa Border Crossing. I'll take any map that offers something new, but the novelty of that one wears off fast. After you're spawnkilled by car explosions for the 6th time in a row, it gets really tiring. It's a shame, because overall it's not a bad map and it offers a new playstyle on it's own, without the explosion hazard.

  • So many games are coming to PC lately, it's awesome. We even got Persona on PC finally!

  • It's good to see the new Spiderman game releasing to PC

  • I'm still excited and waiting for long awaited GTA6 and Hogwarts legacy