It’s Legion Update here again to keep you up to speed on all that is happening in the Legion Gaming Community!

October might be a little spooky for some but it’s a great month for games! It’s also a great month for gamers! There’s giveaways, freebies and new releases to talk about so let’s get to it!

First off we chat a little bit about the expanding world of Cyberpunk 2077, coming in the form of a show, a sequel and an actual expansion to the first game. We’re also excited because we’ve now seen the trailer for the remake of Dead Space, and while it’s not coming out until 2023, it was the perfect trailer to see this month. Given that October has become the month for tricks and treats, let’s hear from the Community: Which candy is the worst, especially if it’s been given to you on Halloween? Leave your answer in the comments and we’ll read through some of them in our next episode!

Last month we asked you which game delay hurt you the most.  commented and told us “I don't think there's a delayed game that hurt me. I understand that the delay was due to the development of the game not going as expected.” Level-headed response and we agree! (But we still hurt a little bit though!)

What questions would you ask us? Both Nick P and  asked us for the release date for Hollow Knight: Silksong! We wish we knew! We want to play it too! We are sure it will be worth the wait.

We’ve still got some Keys for the Bonus Pack DLC in the game War Thunder. It’s for new players only, so if you haven’t tried War Thunder yet, this is the perfect way to jump in with a head start. You can take it from us, it’s a really fun time.

October also means we get to finally play Scorn, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, A Plague Tale: Requiem, Overwatch 2 and a bunch of other awesome games!

Finally, we dive into the most exciting things this month: big gaming giveaways! UK and EU folks can enter for a chance to win a Y25g-30 Gaming Monitor. Check it out! 

What new game releases are you excited about? What is happening in your gaming world? Any questions for Michael and Duane? Leave a comment below and we will give you a shout-out in later episodes!

  • This might sound dumb, but there's been a game called Haulin' Oats that's been threatening to be released on Steam for a couple of years now. At this point, I think it's just been abandoned, but it looks like fun.

  • I think the worst halloween "candy" I remember getting as a kid was raisin boxes. Was the same house every year, people stopped going there. As an adult, I now understand that it was probably a deliberate ploy to get rid of all the kids next year! Smiley