Check out this in depth look of the brand new Lenovo Legion 9i, the world's first AI-Tuned gaming laptop with an integrated liquid cooling system.

Grey and Eden walk us through the unique forged carbon A-cover to the Lenovo PureSight 3.2k mini-LED display and of course the integrated liquid cooling system, there's a LOT to be excited about.

Let us know which game you're most excited to benchmark on this truly powerful machine!

  • I think that is perfect for me.

  • The integrated liquid-cooling system is an interesting feature even if this video doesn't explain much about it.

  • Looks great. Love to try Starfield on that!!

  • Interesting. I'm wondering what other options there are to get those mentioned 10 additonal TDP.

  • oh the pictures don't even do it justice! Very cold laptop and specs