In the latest episode of Streamer Consciousness, we tracked down ExfilCamper to (temporarily) ask him to pause his Escape from Tarkov session to put him through a Speed RunTm…and, of course, ask him some honest-to-goodness questions about his life as a streamer. 

Exfilcamper Interview Highlights: 

  • He started streaming spring 2020 and now has 61K subs (niiiiice) 
  • Crash Bandicoot was the first game he played. 
  • Faster than Light is the game he plays to relax. 
  • Rust makes him rage quit hardcore. 
  • Nelly’s “Hear Comes the Boom” would be his WWE intro song 
  • The best part of being a streamer is the conversations he gets to have. 
  • The worst part of being a streamer is the whole not-sleeping thing. 
  • He’s most-definitely on Santa’s naughty list 
  • He hasn’t an alien encounter...yet (and allegedly) 
  • If animals could talk, he thinks a hippo would be the biggest @$$hole 

Make sure you check out the full interview in the embed above especially so you don’t have to deal with our not-as-witty-as-we-think paraphrasing

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How would you have answered the questions we fired at Exfilcamper? Do you also seemingly have a grudge against hippos? Post a reply and let us know!