Here's a new video series from our friends over at the LenovoEDU Community all about the wide world of esports!

What is esports? You’ve probably heard the term, but maybe don’t know what it means. Jeff Palumbo has the answers. As the Global Sr. Product Manager for Esports and CTE at Lenovo, he’s constantly fielding questions from parents and educators about how to bring esports to their schools.

Beyond competitive sports, today’s students have growing opportunities to enter a career in esports. What does a career in esports look like beyond competitive gaming? Production, broadcasting, engineering, marketing, logistics, there are a vast number of support roles in this emerging field for all types of skillsets.

Are you interested in a career in esports? Share your comments or questions for Jeff below.

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  • Esports, short for electronic sports, refers to competitive video gaming. It involves professional gamers competing against each other in various video game titles, often in organized tournaments with significant prize pools. Esports has grown rapidly in popularity, attracting millions of viewers worldwide and offering lucrative career opportunities beyond competitive gaming.

  • In addition to players, esports requires a range of professionals in roles such as production, broadcasting, engineering, marketing, and logistics.