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Transitioning from Controller aim to MK
I grew up with a controller in my hand starting with SNES all the way up to Xbox and PS5. I didn't really get into PC gaming until early 30's. I play Apex pc with my buddies but still use a PS5 controller with extended grips. I bind my jump to L1 and crouch to R3. Is it too late to try and move to MK…
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MnK tips and tricks for fighting against controller aim assist?
I moved over to MnK about a year ago and I can tell every single time I go up against a controller player in close quarter combat because of their aim assist. It doesn't matter the type of strafing I do, I always seem to be at a disadvantage. Does anyone have any strafing or aiming tips MnK players…
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How can devs really improve the game mechanically?
I have thought about this quite a bit and I really feel like the devs put way too much emphasis on attack characters. There needs to be a greater emphasis on alternative roles in the battle royal mode. I always find myself in pubs and in ranked with randos who dive into the fray and I'm left to pick…
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Anyone anticipate Horizon's mythic set coming out soon? If not, what's your guess?
I got some mythic mats I wanna use but fighting the temptation to wait. Any guesses on the next set of mythic items?
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How are you improving at the game?
Since starting the game, have you gotten better? What would you say are some of the things that have contributed to your growth? Small or not. For me, just playing more games has been helpful in gaining experience of how BRs work.
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Apex is a fun game
Apex is definitely one of the best battle royales of all time. (If you can get good teammates or good friends ofc). It has amazing legend design, and gunplay is solid.
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Got thumbsticks for my XBOX controller and it's helping a lot with APEX!
Got thumbsticks for my XBOX controller and it's helping a lot with APEX! I thought it was dumb until I tried it myself. Honestly, I would never buy it for the high price, but I actually won a giveaway so I said "HEY, WHAT THE HECK, LET'S GIVE IT A TRY". Adding the thumbsticks to the XBOX controller…
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Thoughts on the stickers that were just added?
Seems like EA is making a push to increase microtransactions for the game. I already thought the dialogue and stats were annoying to get from apex packs but I hope these don't dilute the pool when it comes to rolling for skins.
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