Which Apex Legend is your favorite to play?

Which Legend is currently your go-to?

What do you like about that character specifically over the others?

Has your main changed over time, or have you always been a one trick pony?

  • My favourite legend is definitely Mirage. He's not the best but I just like playing him.

  • Mirage seems a lot better since the buffs, I definitely got bamboozled multiple times this week haha

  • The HP on illusions definitely throws you off more

  • I am a Bangalore main. I just love using her lol. her smoke and double-time can really help with repositioning and sometimes dodging bullets. Her ultimate now is a bit better so it can help escape those annoying squads that will try to chase you down halfway across the map.

  • I accidentally got her the other day and the double-time is actually crazy, that perk alone seems massive to help with survival. I just really feel the  lack of mobility on her in particular

  • The 4 second ultimate change is incredible, you almost always get a hit with it

  • I like Rafe insanely. I like the fact that she can manipulate space-time. As well as creating rifts in the fabric of reality. I'm having trouble with her on the rating rolls of course. I would like to use overboost.pro to avoid similar problems with pumping the account. Of course that it would be one hundred percent safe. That there would not be any cheats. So I'm thinking about using boosting. Or do your own work to suffer and pump the account.

  • With or without cheats, account boosting is against terms of service for Apex and nearly every other game out there, so your account is likely to get banned. I wouldn't recommend it.