Which Apex Legend is your favorite to play?

Which Legend is currently your go-to?

What do you like about that character specifically over the others?

Has your main changed over time, or have you always been a one trick pony?

  • I've been an octane main for the longest, but if not him then Crypto or Pathy 

  • How do you feel like Octane is in the current meta?

  • Do you think it's better to pump everything without cheats?

  • I like Mirage a lot, especially the fact that he goes invisible when reviving teammates. 

  • He is not as great as he once was but it was fairly easy to adjust to his changes. Although they were supposed to be major changes they weren't that bad. 

  • You just have to adjust and get used to Octane. But it's something else!

  • yuh Bloodhound #1 all day long

  • wasn't Bloodhound nerfed?

  • yeah, and while using Respawn Beacons