Pro Tips For APEX Newbies

So I'm looking at getting into APEX but I'm a beginner. I've played alot of battle royale games before. What are a few things to know as a beginner playing APEX for the first few times?

I saw you had a character preference... What other preferences do you have?



  • Weapon preferences can really vary depending on your tastes and what you're comfortable with. I personally use the Volt as it's basically the replacement for the R99 that went into the care-package. So it's either Volt/Wingman or Volt/Mastiff generally. Flatline is another good one to use as a primary AR but I think it got nerfed to some degree. Prowler is still a very strong SMG with the right attachments. The mastiff can get you out of sticky situations with multiple enemies but you need to have control over an area with cover, whether it be a door or corners.

    Movement is extremely important, sliding while running full speed is faster, so is running without a weapon. Just know your surroundings when you don't have a weapon out. Crouching enables the weapon to be swapped faster (not sure why).

    If you'd like more specific tips, just let me know, I got tons of experience.