Not sure if this counts as a bug or working as intended.

So with the release of of Season 7 and the Trident vehicle, a new mechanic has arrived which definitely feels like a bug but could be working as intended because who would really want to have Crypto and Rampart on the same team and still call it meta?

The glitch: you drone with Crypto, use ramparts ultimate and with the feature of placing the turret onto the Trident, it allows you to actually put it on the drone.

Here it is in action:

Not sure when/if this will get fixed but it definitely seems broken.

  • Wow that is absolutely broken and I cannot wait to see all the clips of people just wiping multiple squads like you just did.

  • Yeah they're floating around already lmao

  • That is absolutely hilarious

  • I never saw that :(

  • Ikr, such a powerful bug, I wonder if it's been patched?