Transitioning from Controller aim to MK

I grew up with a controller in my hand starting with SNES all the way up to Xbox and PS5. I didn't really get into PC gaming until early 30's. I play Apex pc with my buddies but still use a PS5 controller with extended grips. I bind my jump to L1 and crouch to R3. Is it too late to try and move to MK aim permanently? I've tried but feel I am so much more responsive and accurate with my controller.  Anybody else make the jump or have any tips/tricks they would like to share? 

  • I feel the same way. I’ve tried the MK. 

  • I still use a controller.   They say the MK is much better but I can't get myself to a point to try.

  • I also grew up playing with controllers but also played Doom back in the 90's which was MK only during my college years. It was the only game that I had played with MK for a long time and had simple functions. After being on console after that for more than a decade, I got back to pc gaming and I was horrible with a MK. There were so many keys and buttons on MK to keep track of and my muscle memory was not there so I started playing less intense fps games to develop that memory. I now have gotten a lot better but a controller still comes more natural to me. I think when you use something for long enough you start to become more precise. It's just takes time to develop it. The real question is whether you have spare time to learn or if it is worth investing the time if you can still perform well on controller. MK without a doubt has more snap and precision but only if you have that memory. Anyone telling you that you are at a loss with a controller doesn't understand. I have played Battlefield 4 with a controller and MK and I am usually in the top ten actually doing better with a controller. Comfort and confidence in the accessories you are using are important.

  • You'll feel better on controller for a while.  In my 30s as well and just made the switch to mouse and keyboard last year.  Feel like I'm better on it now than when I was on controller.  Just takes practice and getting used to, both of which take time and some persistence.

  • Gotta say I think switching to mouse and keyboard wins in the long haul. Like anything else you just gotta clock the hours to make it so.

  • While I can't personally relate, having grown up as a PC gamer, I can safely say that it will take plenty of time and dedication to make the switch.  It's a change that you'd need to commit to - you have to stick with the kb/m controls even if you're feeling frustrated because you're just going to set back your progress going back and forth.  You will get used to it eventually, and it should improve your reaction time and accuracy in the end, it's just a matter of how much effort you're willing to put into the transition and whether you think the end rewards are worth that effort.

    Some tips to make it easier though: Make sure your mouse is set up properly (make sure the sensitivity in Windows is at the halfway mark and acceleration is disabled, then tune the DPI so the mouse cursor feels the right speed on the desktop, and try to stick with a native DPI for your mouse.)  If your mouse has adjustable weights, figure out if you're more accurate with the mouse lighter or heavier.  Figure out your ideal FOV in games (also be aware of horizontal vs vertical FOV, and what each game you play uses) and stick with it, because this drastically affects how mouse aiming feels.  You can also use an aim trainer (Aim Lab on Steam is free) to fine-tune your sensitivity and there's a very handy website that will convert between games so you can perfectly match the sensitivity no matter what you play.

    After typing all that out it sounds far more complicated than I thought it would but it really isn't that bad.  Once you get your mouse, FOV, and sensitivity set up you basically never need to worry about those things again other than making sure that you match settings in new games.

  • I've seen a lot of pros switch from m&k to controller because of the aim assist, the movement for m&k is crazy good though. If you do make the switch, I'd focus on aim to start off, then worry about the wall jumps, movements later.

  • its worth it to get used to it!

  • Why make the jump? Are you playing or planning to play competitively? MK can offer more precision but it takes a lot of efforts too, at this point I'm actually considering switching to controller instead for more chill gameplay.

  • Eh,, I can't use a controller... I don't feel in "control" the same way as with a keyboard and mouse.