Transitioning from Controller aim to MK

I grew up with a controller in my hand starting with SNES all the way up to Xbox and PS5. I didn't really get into PC gaming until early 30's. I play Apex pc with my buddies but still use a PS5 controller with extended grips. I bind my jump to L1 and crouch to R3. Is it too late to try and move to MK aim permanently? I've tried but feel I am so much more responsive and accurate with my controller.  Anybody else make the jump or have any tips/tricks they would like to share? 

  • Apex Legends literally runs on source engine and the control scheme for MK is that of NA/USA gameplay. If you wanna get better at FPS games like Apex. I recommend going back and play some of the older titles like Half Life franchise, Halo, Shadow Warrior and others. All single player games to improvement your movement and aim in fps genre.

  • Great info. Thanks everyone.

  • It takes a while to get used to it, but you can definitely be more precise and flexible with a mouse and keyboard if you keep practicing. Also using an aim trainer helps a lot, I recommend Aim Lab from Steam.