Season 8

Hi everyone. It's been a week since season 8 started. What are your thoughts of it so far?

  • So far I like it decently! The repeater doesn't feel as good as I was hoping it would, although it's still pretty fun.

    Feel like I haven't seen a ton of Fuse, how do you feel like he is compared to other legends right now?

  • Repeater is super strong, been loving it, but it's tough to get used to. It's basically a wingman with a sniper scope. Fuze has been fun but he's not incredible. I'm still on the pathfinder and horizon gang.

  • Ok, thank you for the update.

  • Enjoyable but switch to mouse and keyboard has been a struggle. 

  • Yes, I know! But, go for!

  • Ive solely been using Fuse....I like him Slight smile

  • I have yet to try Fuse! What do you think of him?

  • Good crowd control....Can also carry more grenades than the average hero. His voice and quips make me laugh! :)

  • Make me laugh too! Slight smile