Thoughts on the new Season 13 changes?

What do you think of the changes Apex is adding this season?

Personally, I really like the class changes. I feel that all the classes are now more important to pick from, instead of having TONS of recon characters for instance.
The Support perk in particular looks really interesting with the buyback mechanic!

  • Basically a brand new game at this point! Hopefully the changes are good! Eyes

  • looking forward to see how these changes effect the overal tide and flow of gameplay. i'm glad the team are taking some strides to try and change up actual core gameplay and team comps.

  • I have come back to this game because of the recent changes. I love how support classes can bring back timed-out players and don't get me started on how good nemesis feels. 

  • Changes to APEX always turn out interesting in some way or anouther

  • I've never played. Not sure it's my thing really