Thoughts on the new Nemesis AR in APEX

Just curious to see if people like it or not and what people combo it with. 

  • It's extremely broken, needs a recoil nerf or damage reduced. I've been running it with the r99 or mastiff.

  • It will most likely get nerfed/scaled back eventually, but for now I'm enjoying not being on the losing end of things with an AR for once, lol.

  • Man this is my exact same load out hahaha r9 feels so good now too 

  • Definitely OP. Too gooood.

  • It's the best weapon in the game currently. I pair it with the r99 or r301. 

  • It's cool but I don't find myself using it a lot. I still enjoy my old loadout. With that said, it's powerful and the rev up "feels good"/is satisfying if that makes sense. It will definitely be nerfed but I like that this weapon feels different from ones we've had before.