Who is your favorite legend in Season 16?

I still love Bangalore but I feel that I've been more successful with Ash and Octane lately. Bang has my favorite skillset but I may not be the best Bang player lol. On that note, when you guys play, do you choose your character based on the skillset you like or the character themselves. I play based on my favorite character, not how useful they are.

  • I am enjoying Bangalore, Lifeline, and Fuse.

  • Never got into it. But know people who play. So, I'm curious.

  • I still mainly play with Octane only because of the one-piece skin I have on the character. Otherwise, I would pick Lifeline or Gibraltar when this character is unavailable or if I am playing with randoms. 

  • Still rocking Bangalore. Best overall legend since release date!

  • Used to play a lot of bangalore and mirage, though I stopped playing bangalore for fuse lately. Still playing mirage to relive my time playing holo pilot in titanfall 2, but never got good at the movement legends.

  • I am play with Valkyrie 

  • I still enjoy using octane. 

  • I personally really like lifeline.