Is it worth it to start playing apex legends

I have never played apex legend before but I always hear that people like to play it. I am not that into battle royal games but I am simply wondering if I should give it a try.

what does everyone else think about the game

  • It's not as easy to learn how to play nowadays since so many high ranking players just jump into public lobbies (as opposed to just playing ranked). The skill based matchmaking has been changed to counter imbalance, but I wouldn't let that deter you. If you're not in battle royale may not be for you because it is one of the harder, if not hardest of the genre. It takes time to get comfortable and good IF you're already coming from other BRs, but stranger things have happened and it depends on your game sense/experience with FPS games. I won't sugarcoat it. It can be rough, but it can be just takes time to get to the rewards.

  • It's a lot more enjoyable when you have friends to play with. It can get pretty frustrating when you're playing alone and your random teammates decide to do whatever they want.

  • I see no reason why you wouldn't give it a try. It's a free to play game. Just dl it and try it out. I love my dose of Apex now and then.

  • I believe it's worth your time to try it out.

  • If you don't like battle royale, then no

  • It's a free-to-play game so it won't hurt to try. If you know anyone that plays it I would recommend you try it out first with a party instead of playing solo. 

  • nah you will get wrecked by me stick to minecraft

  • Here for the responses! Good question.

  • I would say just try it and see if you like it.   It's not my favorite game. But everyone is different.