Is it worth it to start playing apex legends

I have never played apex legend before but I always hear that people like to play it. I am not that into battle royal games but I am simply wondering if I should give it a try.

what does everyone else think about the game

  • I'm not into battle royale either. Looks to be very frustrating.

  • Also curious! Haven't played any BRs and I have some friends trying to get me into Apex.

  • I'd say if you have some friends to play with, it's worth it!

  • It really depends what type of gamer you are. I fyou enjoy battle royal games or play comepetetive games like csgo/league or bf/cod then it might be the perfect game for you

  • it is worth it to play, but if you are just starting it might be easier to start out playing Fortnite instead just to get you feet under you!!

  • Yeah, it's pretty much the definition of battle royal so chances are if you don't like outher battle royals you won't like apex. 

  • Free to play try it maybe you like it.