Best apex character to teach people how to play

Ive tried to get my brother to play apex but he doesn't get the abilities and I was wondering what you guys think the best starting character would be? 

  • I would say Bloodhound is a very good beginner legend. Simple to understand abilities with direct impact to how well the player can understand a situation.

    Also, Lifeline is great when you're learning as you mainly are there to support your other teammates, heal them, stay in the backlines during firefights, and her ultimate is very easy to understand and use as well.

  • I find bloodhound to be the best starting legend for how simple this character's ability is. His ability makes it easy for new players to feel comfortable exploring without having to worry about being ambushed as often. 

    The second character I would recommend is Bangalore for her passive ability. Having a speed boost when getting shot will allow new players to escape from a fight.