How do you feel about banner crafting?

I feel like it incentivizes support characters ditching me in fights because they can now just run and craft banners. What do you think?

  • Hmmm, honestly I've only had 1-2 times where banner crafting has been used on my team since the update. I could see what you're saying though if supports end up running away from fights in order to reset. So far it feels balanced to me but we'll have to see how it feels long-term and especially if it gets used in pro. I think players who run away to craft consistently probably won't get very good at the game mechanically, and you'll probably see less of that at higher ranks 

  • It's a rare situational mechanic that I see being used mainly by casual players. Banner Crafting may bring out negative behavior in pubs, but from my experience with pre-made teams, it's been a great addition. There will always be unfortunate situations where you will lose a teammate's banner, but now your friend won't be forced to just spectate the rest of the game. Sure you won't be using this mechanic every game, but it's still nice to have. 

  • I actually havent been able to pull it off once. I don't even know if you are required to craft the banner BEFORE the timer runs out or if you can do it even if the player's banner turns grey.