Former Respawn employees creating a new studio

With the amount of employees leaving Respawn and moving to a new game studio (Wildlight Entertainment) if they were to create another Battle Royale that's not attached to an IP like Titanfall, what are some things you'd like to see in it?

Apex had a lot to draw on from Titanfall and Titanfall 2, but the opportunity to create a whole new world and IP, without the EA overlords, seems exciting if they can manage to recreate the positives of Apex and address the negatives. Granted it would take time to create a new game, but I'd be open to a better model, even a paid game over a free to play, that came with a battlepass.

Curious about how others feel.

  • I think it would be interesting to see what types of games they would be able to create, especially since you indicated that EA had restrictions in place that would limit creative productivity.

  • It is always exciting to see what can happen out of chaos.  

  • To be honest, I think it will be more of the same. That's just the trend right now: leave saying you are being restricted and then launching a copy of the exact same thing you were doing...

  • I would love to see them try.

  • They will probably do something similar to Titanfall because it is safe and proven. I would like to see something like Titanfall crossed with alien monsters. Something that Anthem could have been if it hadn't been put out so very  prematurely. Maybe a mode where players can choose to the alien creature or human with mech suit summon and another mode that would be team of players vs AI. It might be hard to pull off but Doom 2016 did a good job of doing Demon vs human well albeit it was one demon summon at a time.

  • Not really into Apex or anything like that, but my opinion is that getting away from EA is always a good move...and some of the best stuff to come out in the past couple of decades has been from smaller, non-AAA more power to these guys!

  • I hope they don't create a battle royale. Honestly not sure how much more market share there is to support a new game. I'd hope they left to do something else other than a battle royale, but if they do go that route, I expect more of the same. Apex has a lot of good things so they won't stray too far.

  • I hope they don't create a battle royal. Already way to many battle royals out their.