What ammo type do you prefer?

I prefer energy and light just because most of my main go to weapons use it. But curious what you guys think.

  • In real life, I like 9mm because it's lower cost than most other.  And like .357 Magnum because it's a really powerful handgun, and lever rifle cartridge.    Games are just for fun!  LOL

  • I prefer cheap and in bulk.   

  • heavy ammo never goes rung

  • Incendiary rounds and usually play a rocket as a side weapon.

  • niether b/c u gotta fight with what u get when landing. Now if its a preferred gun tho, would be r301 and r99.

  • Energy and light. I'm usually better with those weapons anyway. Heavy is just unreliable for the long run.

  • conventional weapons lol

  • can see where you're coming from, but I respectfully disagree. Here's why...

  • I like to have sniper ammo and they never see it coming.