Who else preferred the spitfire when it was heavy ammo instead of light?

I like it when it was heavy because you could find ammo easier but now that it's light im constantly competing for ammo.

  • Same. The old spitfire was way better 

  • eh. its not hard to find ammo for it really. Spitty just sucks b/c of the nerfs it got. the recoil and everything about it is not good anymore.

  • It was better when it used heavy ammo and I just can't find a reason to use it when it comes to light ammo. The R301 and R99 it just better in every situation that I usually just ignore the spitfire. 

  • I used to play with the spitfire but decided it wasent worth it anymore after they made the change to heavy ammo. 

  • Its nice to hear everyone's opinion.