Best graphics settings for Gefore RTX 370 in a Lenovo Legion i7 Desktop?

Have been playing Apex for a couple years now, and I would like to settle it once and for all. What are the best settings for this game on the i7 tower with the 3070?

  • This will depend on what monitor you have, it's pixel density, refresh rate, etc.  And on your actual System Processor, RAM, etc...   Not a simple answer.

  • if your playing on a 1080p monitor i would play on high settings

  • I want to hear the answer to .

  • More information is needed before people can give you advice. 

  • Honestly, I would just set everything to low. Regarding shooters, I find that lower settings helps me perform better. 

  • Please list more info on the specs of your setup in order for us to recommend you better settings. 

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    Hey,I realized that I had replies turned off on this thread. Thanks for responding @everyone. Specs are GSYNC compatible 1440 monitor @ 75 hz, Processor is the Intel(R) Core(TM) i9-10900K CPU @ 3.70GHz, 32.0 GB ram,