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Legion Twitch Community - 1000 Apex Coins w/ Twitch Channel Points

Hey all!

For a limited time, you can now use Twitch channel points from our Lenovo Legion channel to redeem 1000 free Apex Coins (PC players only).

The code must be redeemed via EA Play or on EA's redeem site.

Legion Twitch Channel Points Unlock- "Apex Legends" 1000 Apex Coins Key

  • Thanks. Managed to redeem.

  • I got mine! Lets go al! 

  • Sweet! Thanks y'all!

  • Ooof. Thats a lot of points...

  • i have issues veryfing i follow lenovolegion on twitch. I can see my email and twitch account right above it. can someone help

  • How I know when reward is available again?

  • Yeah will this be coming back?