What kept you playing Apex after all these years?

I have slowly faded away from playing Apex Legends over the years, and can't seem to stay interested in it anymore.  It has been almost 6 months since I have last played.  I literally have no desire to play anymore, but I love to play the game.  I think the main reason is all my friends have stopped playing and moved on to other Battle Royale games.  I was just wondering what kept you all playing the game? I am really asking this to the people who don't have a group to play with anymore. 

Did the progression somehow keep you interested, I simply get bored playing by myself anymore.

  • I almost never get to play anymore, but I love the game. It's just a near perfect game and that's what keeps me coming back. I'm not good enough to get higher than bronze or silver, and don't have enough time to get better, with work and family, but even at a low level in ranks, I enjoy it greatly. I never had many friends that liked to play, but found a great way to pair up with randoms that do want to play. Check out the community Discord and you'll find a lot of people to chat and play with, even dedicated rooms to teams of 3

  • I play the game a couple of times a year with friends since I have already experience burnout from this title. It's okay to take a break from a game if you no longer enjoy playing it. I find taking a break helps reduce fatigue and makes the game enjoyable again. 

  • I find myself playing for a week or two and then taking a month or two off rinse and repeat. I started feeling battle royal fatigue towards the end of the covid pandemic and slowly lost the motivation to play the genre regularly. It is a great game but just like anything overdoing it kills the passion after a while. If you eat pizza everyday, you will eventually get tired of it even though we all know pizza is awesome lol. I don't think any particular thing with the game made stop playing regularly. It was more about me wanting to experience a different genre and setting. I have been getting my horror fix lately with Dead Space Remake, RE 4 Remake and DBD for multiplayer action. For my shooter online needs, I have gone back to Battlefield 2042 and when I get tired of it I will probably go back to Apex or see what is new in Warframe. It's always about cycles for me when it comes to gaming. I think switching genres from time to time keeps gaming fresh and exciting.

  • Since I don't play Apex anymore, I will have to say nothing. All games eventually come to an end...

  • I quit a while ago but sometimes log on to see how things have changed.