Thoughts on the new event skins?

I feel like Apex hasn't been dropping noteworthy skins in these heirloom events anymore. Honestly, it's starting to look like a cash grab with the heirloom as bait to buy all the skins. Thoughts?

  • I don't hear anything about them anymore unlike fortnite, who came up with unique themes for their season's outfits and skins. 

  • Skins were never worth it

  • I never really liked any of the skins in Apex. The only time I was excited about the skins was when they had an anime collab, but even then those skins were terrible and almost unrecognizable. 

  • Thanks, that is good to know.

  • I've never been a huge fan of most skins anyway. It seems like most are unecessary paid for upgrades. but I do agree that most are cash gabs now on most platforms. Same with new maps and other things. They used to be achievements for passing certain levels.. now everything is available for a price. 

  • I don't think skins are worth it

  • I'm not really for the skins..

  • Although most skins don't make much of a difference for me, I believe that if you really like one, you could always reach their designers' team and suggest the skin that you want. I think they would probably appreciate your input; otherwise, they will keep generating random ones based on what's being downloaded the most or what's the most common in the industry.

  • Skins have never been worth their price. Save your money and enjoy the game.