Tap strafing is officially being removed

Recently, Respawn posted a tweet saying they're removing tap strafing because controller players are unable to replicate it, and "lacks" counter-play, and other things. What are your thoughts? Are you for or against this?

  • I'm honestly not at the point where I'm good enough to use the mechanic, but I'm not a huge fan of it. Imagine if Nintendo patched out something like wavedashing from Melee. In general I'm not a fan of removing game mechanics that are found by accident/practice, unless they're truly game breaking. Then again, I play on PC so maybe a bit biased Slight smile

  • They should keep it honestly, I don't think it's game breaking, it can also be used on console, just adds to the amazing movement that Apex offers

  • Get two Octane jump pads and put them 50 feet apart. Now you can full speed jump between the two infinitely with zero loss of momentum and almost no ability to predict where the player is going or will end up.

    It was fun to watch and only advantageous to the best movement players in the game so I'm really not sure why they had to remove it.