Thoughts on the State of Apex

What are your thoughts on the current state of Apex Legends?

There have been a lot of controversial topics in Apex lately, like:

- Server issues
- Legend balancing (is Seer still OP?)
- Weapon balancing
- Game pace and ranked matchmaking
- Overall "fun" and excitement with the game

What's your two cents on Apex right now? Are you loving it, hating it, have ideas for changes/updates you'd like to see?

  • I personally think it's an amazing game, and has been my favorite since Season 2. However, as soon as I saw Seer's character trailer with his abilities, I boycotted the game until he was nerfed, because I knew my winrate and k/d would drop with his insane overpowered Tactical.

    The servers have been fixed now in my opinion, I haven't had a single issue with them.

    The weapons are pretty balanced.

    Ranked Matchmaking is terrible, I'm Platinum 2 and the other day I had an Apex Master on my team, and when I tried to invite him, it wouldn't let us play Ranked together because of our MMR difference. Even though the game matched us on its own in the previous game I had played. I can't help but wonder how many Masters I end up fighting and losing to because of the unfair matchmaking systems? Aren't they supposed to match you against players of equal skill?

  • That's great to hear about servers, I know that was a big concern lately. Ranked matchmaking is always a point of frustration, even in other games.... maybe your MMR is insanely good for your rank? Just proof that you belong in Masters I guess :) BUT you still shouldn't have to play against Masters players in Plat!