What's your go to weapon combination?

Everyone has their preferences but mine would be a combination of Volt or Flatline  with a Mastiff in the 2nd slot.

Dropping the 2nd slot for a Kraber easily. I've also been liking the Hemlock a lot too for longer range with a 2x/4x scope.

What do you go to?

  • Sniper + AR for me when it comes to Apex. I used to go for Peacekeeper + AR but prefer the longer range option now.

  • Yeah the meta has definitely shifted towards snipers especially because of the EVO shield progression

  • I'm a bad Apex player because I haven't played the game since they made that change. All shields are EVO now, right?

  • I really like a shotty/sniper combo.... feels like maybe EVA-8 and and Longbow are my favorite?

    Can never pass a Peacekeeper or Kraber if I have the chance though Slight smile

  • I go full random into what i use. like a jack of all trades!

  • Heavy Hemlok user, as well as the prowler.
    Run anything else on second slot though.

  • i like to use double smg

    but sometimes replace 1 for a sniper

  • Gold weapons just feel like a waste to me. There's so little ammo that you basically get 1-2 kills max with them before you have to dump them for another gun.

  • Yup, it's a great change imo.

  • They're now red weapons lol. Just got to make your shots count, but the thing is, the ammo doesn't take up backpack space. So there are pros and cons but the guns in the care packages are so OP they're worth it.