Apex legends season 20

Hey I am Ava, A apex player. What do you think the meta of apex legends season 20

  • With good aim near EVA-8 destroys everyone

  • In terms of guns. I think the Volt and Prowler are the best SMGs. For long-range, Nemesis is the best option. For team compositions, a team with a conduit, bang, and bloodhound is good with the changes to digital threats. For apex competitive it's looking to be a caustic meta with blood and bang but, teams are still experimenting. 

  • Yea. Now EVA-8 feels like SMG

  • for me nemesis and prowler is best. R301 is also nice this season

  • Haven't played Apex in awhile, curious about the current meta and state of affairs!

  • I also haven't played yet. It sounds so appealing, I will give it a try.

  • expand on what you mean by meta.

  • I haven't played since season 18. They come out with so many seasons it's hard for me to keep up along with other online games I play. Battlefield 2042 has become like this where if I don't check in weekly I might miss an event or get behind on unlocking a weapon before a new season pass comes out. This is definitely a good thing as it means continuous support and content.. I might have to log back into Apex to check out the Season 20 if you think it is really good.

  • ngl i quite like the shild changes. i thought i would hate it but dont.

  • Seems like a lot of Caustic, Bang, Bloodhound? And EVA/Volt seem to be used more.