season 20 changes

Season 20 was released with quite a few changes to how the game works. Personally, I like a lot of the changes but I want to hear what others think about them. I'm not too keen on the crafting changes as I liked the old crafting but its not that bad. Lifeline changes were long overdue and the shield changes were great with adding the modifications to legends. 

  • I also really like the changes Respawn made to season 20. The crafting changes I feel are a lot better IMO no longer have to wait forever for the whole team to craft. It also helps with zone healers in ranked. I am kind of bummed that you do lose out on crafting attachments but, I am not too mad about it. The whole perk system is nice it gives players more options to customize. The evo system I like a lot, especially in the early game where you don't have to worry about teams having purple off-drop while, you have white. It also incentivizes teams to run different classes for EVO points that they could earn from scanning beacons, consoles, opening bins, etc.  One change that I do not like is they lowered the ranked requirement to 20 (was 50) I don't know why they lowered it but, I have been running into cheaters more frequently now than in previous seasons. Other than that I really like this season.