Who else wants the Arenas back?

Without a doubt it has its flaws, I still think that Arena was one of the best feature Apex has put out. I really wish they would’ve just tweak it overtime and eventually made it better instead of canning it altogether.

  • I personally did not like arenas. It did have a lot of flaws with matchmaking and ranked all together. I think they will reintroduce arenas at some point when they can fix the many flaws it had because arenas was a somewhat popular mode for players/

  • Arena was fun, would def love it back!

  • Not me.  Am ok with it drifting into the darkness... LOL  Looking for some unique games.  Many seem just a variation on a theme.

  • I was never a fan, but if enough people want it back they may bring it back in a better form. Sometimes the concept is better than the implementation.

  • With some updates, I think having Arenas for Apex is not a bad idea. It did have some bugs though!

  • I think that if Apex brought back Arenas into the Mixtape and made it more fun (and rewarding) like Trials of Osiris in Destiny 2, that could be a a good time. They have the opportunity to ham it up and be more playful with it and have it be something folks could look forward to on a weekly rotation.

  • I actually kind of do. I enjoyed it. I don't understand why some people didn't. But, TDM, Control and Gun Run are fun in their own right as well. I want Straight Shot permanently though.