Why did they get rid of Arenas?

Idk if it was just me or something but Arenas was one of my most favorite game modes in Apex, often times being the only game mode I play since Battle Royale gets boring quickly. I really do wonder why they got rid of it because it wasn't exactly something players openly disliked, was it? All I am saying is if they brought the game mode back I would probably be on the game twice as much I am nowadays, and I could only imagine others feel the same. Anybody have any info on why they got rid of Arenas? I would also like to know if anyone else actually enjoyed it as much as I did. Thanks~

  • As far as I remember they got rid of it, "no longer served the purpose of providing players a place to hone their skills in a less stressful environment.” Whatever that means. As for me, I feel like it declined in popularity as the seasons went by. I don't think it's a casual mode for players as opposed to gun run, TDM, and control for the majority of the player base. The matchmaking and ranked system was pretty bad as well. But, I am sure there's a group of people who love arenas and want to see a return. I do think they will reintroduce it at some point.