Who do you watch?

When it comes to Apex streamers I pretty much only watch daltoosh but I'm going to be honest he sometimes plays with some toxic people.

Who would you recommend that is both highly skilled and pretty chill or funny?

  • I honestly like LuluLuvely's stream a good bit, she's pretty great at the game. TSM ImperialHal is also a big favorite for a lot of people.

  • Lulu is insane at the game. I watch her, Hal, Shiv, Vsnz, and Diego. And then myself for vods LUL

  • I'll have to drop in more to your Apex streams. I have a lot of improvement to do in that game

  • I got a lot of tips for movement and all that :D

  • +vouch for J, he knows his stuff in Apex!

  • +vouch for J, he knows his stuff in Apex!