Apex Legends Crossplay Beta Launches

Apex Legends has released its official crossplay beta!

Will you be squading up with friends on other platforms?

Do you think this change will make a big difference in the playerbase and meta?

  • They cover every possible opportunity, from unlockable characters to weapon skins to victory poses. Everything that can be bought can also be earned

  • It's great! Personally I've been playing Apex a lot more since the update, I have a lot of friends on console so this is an amazing update for me

  • Still need to dip my hands in this. Wonder if anyone has had any favourable/unfavourable experience with fighting against pc/console players

  • They should fully integrate cross play so if you're opted in, you can play with console without having a console teammate as a PC player and vice versa.

  • I might start playing Apex if this actually gets released. My son plays Apex exclusively and has been after me to play with him. I'll have no excuse when crossplay comes out. Playerbase will change drastically.

  • I want it to come out on Switch!

  • It would be nice to have a "console only" setting for CrossPlay and KB+M users get placed in the PC queue.