Family friendly or Adult language when streaming?

Hey everyone, I was dabbling in streaming on Twitch and YT, I have a decent potty mouth and for the most part did not keep it family friendly.

I was wondering if any of you thought that you would be held back if you had a more adult tone or if maybe you would gain followers that you wouldn't lose if you slipped up once or twice?

Let me be 100% clear, when I say "adult language" I'm not meaning derogatory, racist or sexual language, purely those George Carlin words that cant be said on TV.

(sorry if this has been asked before.)

  • Decent potty mouth is another oxymoron. I would say don't be excessive. It's okay here or there. Mark your content appropriately so viewers know what they are getting into. Some people want it because it is authentic. Don't shock people expecting a Mr. Rogers type family time. pewdipie said a lot of things and people still follow him. He's VERY popular with the kids. Just be yourself. That's what people are looking for. Not which words you choose to use or avoid.

  • I would say the vast majority of popular Twitch creators use some sort of swearing/language occasionally. I don't personally do so but have nothing against people who do. Ultimately I think it comes down to being authentically yourself, with some additional consideration if you intend to do it on behalf of a brand/bigger organization 

  • I have done branded streams and refrain from any profanities while I have a (very small) brand that is partnering for a short stream. I always mark "adult language" and specify 18+, I have not streamed in months but really wanted to get back to it and see where it goes. Thank you for your insight!

  • Of course - nice stuff! One note there actually, with some recent changes a lot of 18+ streams on twitch are hidden more for people browsing the site. This means you might see fewer overall viewers, but IMO that's probably worth the tradeoff if you're someone who normally uses a lot of language and not doing so would feel forced or inauthentic 

  • It definitely depends on your target audience. However, the most important thing is being true to yourself. Your best content comes from having the least amount of filter, so you can exude authenticity toward your audience (they can tell, too).

    Follower count doesn't seem to correlate too much with strong language vs. family friendly. Ex. PewDiePie or Markiplier (18+) vs. DanTDM or CoryxKenshin (10+). 

    If your goal is money, then family-friendly miiiight net you more income in the gaming niche (at the slight cost of your soul, haha). If your goal is community and passion, then be true to yourself no matter what. The people will naturally come for you, and you'll be happier in the long-run.

  • Going to second marking your content appropriately as not only does it help inform your viewers on the potential vibe/energy of your channel but can save you from reports if you happen to use strong language and you don't have the label on. Best to gauge what you plan to do with your streams/how you plan to converse and tick on the warnings from there, just in case.