Thoughts on the current state of podcasts?

Hi Legion!

Open ended question here, what are your thoughts on podcasts these days? Do you listen to or watch any?

I'm debating the idea of starting one, either here as a sort of Legion Community podcast, or branching off into more of a creator/streamer discussion show. I personally listen to a few podcasts still but not as many as I did back around 2017-18. 

What do you think? Are podcasts still relevant and important to you over other forms of content?

  • Podcasts are definitely relevant, though with so many different types, it's hard to say what will kick off and blow up these days. I still listen to a lot of podcasts, but I can easily do so while I'm working or doing house work. Admittedly though, I wouldn't be interested much in a tech podcast, I listen primarily to personal growth, business, and tabletop actual plays. But I'm sure there is a crowd interested in techy stuff, the hardest part is getting people to start listening and stay intrigued

  • I have just recently started to listen to podcasts.   Small Town Murders got me hooked.    Then I found the Daily Audion Bible.   This week my wife and I found the Duck Dynasty guys led by Phil.

    I could listen to a Lenovo Podcast once a week for updates, saying hi, and such.   Not sure of a reason to have it more often,  weekly seems to be a good starting point, and let it grow as it wants.

  • I listen to podcasts most of the time. Still relevant. Ehhh... I think your time and efforts are better spent here patching cracks, cleaning SPAM, improving functionality, interacting with users and being a general example of what to do and how to act for the n00bs. Maybe once a week, once a month, news things... But those can all be addressed in twitches and news posts anyway. The people that would listen to a podcast are already there. You're already busy. Don't spread yourself too thin.   So, soft no. Unnecessary.

    We can't report Spam anymore. Functionality. We do try to help make things better.

  • Its definitely still relevant, but hard to find a niche to stay successful. Think there's a statistic that 90% of podcasts don't make it out of their first year. 

    Its great sometimes listening to a few while on the road!

  • I'm not big into them enough to dedicate regular listening time to them.

  • Podcast are an excellent way of getting your thoughts across! Unlike TV, I can do other things while listening! 

  • I listen to podcasts regularly. It's a good media form for background noise while doing other stuff (exercising, working, etc.).

    I have treated the current Legion Monthly as a Podcast, so I am curious about what direction a Legion Community podcast will go to set itself apart. 

    I do think podcasts are still relevant, but it might be hard to find the right niche and frequency. 

  • I find podcasts great as you can listen while doing different things - walking, cleaning, relaxing

  • I don't really listen to as many as I used to, but I wouldn't be against tuning in once in a while to a Legion podcast to catch up on what''s going on. I would think once a week or twice a month would be fine as far as how often to make episodes.

  • I still enjoy listening to podcasts, my favourite type is business and I listen to them during long walks.