Best overall camera for vlogging and cooking videography for 1000-1500$

  • I recommend the Sony a6400 for a great videography budget camera! I've been using it for 3 years with content creation and haven't had any issues, tbh.

    It has great autofocus compared to other cams in the price range, and you can record past 30 mins without needing to start/stop like other cams. You may need a dummy battery, but they're cheap on Amazon.

    It's also beginner-friendly. It was my first real "camera," and I got it set up very quickly. It's nice, too, because the longer you use it, the more you learn how to optimize for a better picture. I hope that helps. :)

  • That is way too much if you are not doing this professionally. You can usually get a camera that is more than good enough for around $600-$800. I would recommend a Sony ZV -1  This camera is light and compact making it perfect for traveling without sacrificing image quality. 

    Just don't use this camera if you are going out in the rain. It doesn't have any anti-weather features and rain will be its kryptonite. 

  • If you want to do both vlogging and cooking, then it's probably good to get a camera with a zoom lens or a camera where you can change the lens when needed since you'll want a wider field of view for vlogging and might want more close up shots to show food textures. If you bring the camera body too close to food, there's a chance you'll fog up the lens so sometimes you want it a little further away then zoomed in to still get the details. I use the Sony A7III and the DJI Pocket 3.


    I haven't bought a standalone camera since 2008.  After trying Panasonic and a couple of other brands, I ended up getting a Sony.  The Sony was much more expensive (≈$1,100¹) compared to the next most expensive, Panasonic (≈$600²).  But, the difference was night and day.  The Sony's CMOS sensor was so far beyond the 3 CCD system in the Panasonic, that any motion on the Panasonic appeared like Jello, by comparison.

    Especially in low light.

    I don't like Sony as a brand, anymore.  But, it's hard not to recommend their cameras.  Arguably, they make the best photo-sensors on the market.

    I'm sorry I don't know which model to recommend.  Based on my experience, however, I think you've chosen a good price range.  Don't cheap out.  I doubt the Panasonic or the JVC cameras I tried would still be operating, today.  After 16 years, not only does my Sony camera still work—it works on its original battery.

    (1) $1,100 in 2008 USD == $2,900 in 2024 USD (due to money-supply inflation, not CPI or PCE)

    (2) $600 in 2008 USD == $1,600 in 2024 USD (due to money-supply inflation, not CPI or PCE)