Appreciation Post - Thanks for making this community so great!

Hey all,

Big shoutout to Ben and everyone on the mod team for what you all do. Appreciate the care package! I was not expecting a laptop but will serve my content creation well and we can't forget about the coveted water bottle I've been trying to get for a minute now lol. Glad to be apart of this wonderful community since day one and here's to many more!



  • Congrats J! Jelly of the water bottle hahaha but you deserve it :D 

  • We're so happy for you, J! :D Thank you very much for the wonderful post, that is an awesome picture. Wishing you a great weekend with exciting Legion experiences. Blush

  • That is awesome, congrats on the package and glhf with your Lenovo journey

  • Congrats on your well deserved community care package! The generosity from the Lenovo communities is pretty incredible.

  • Way to go J! Congratulations.

  • Wow congrats to you too! I seen a few already with theirs. This is a really cool thing Lenovo did for their community.