AI Usage & Disclosure

Are folks experimenting with AI in generating content? And if so, do you disclose your usage of AI? Will AI disclosure become a common production credit?

  • It is showing up in Adobe agreements. Just say NO.

  • I use it to improve my art work, back and fort to improve upon my own art little by little.

  • Yes, disclose the Generative AI (GAI) tool you use - a simple notice like "This AI image was generated using Midjourney" or "This image made use of DALL-E." It states that the work is AI generated and offers you a buffer from a direct lawsuit over copyright infringement by an artist (the prosecuting artist is more likely to sue the service providing the GAI, especially if its training data contains unpermitted / unlicensed content). Artists Rock!  VSmile  ArtPaintbrush   

    Most entities providing GAI services have scraped the Web for AI training data content without permission, dismissing Web server robot.txt "block" code, and many copyright infringement lawsuits are currently pending.

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    UPDATE: I re-read my post here and noticed an obvious issue - GAI is itself not copyrightable (as defined by the US Copyright Office). You can only copyright a creative work with GAI as long as it also includes a substantial amount of human creative effort, e.g., a book with human authored text accompanied by GAI images. If you consider the emojis I included in the text above as a substantial human creative addition to my example of GAI text (...and you know how much I sweated doing that), then the © symbol can stay. Otherwise, don't include the © symbol in any GAI notice. I just happen to include the © symbol notice on my original artwork and photos, and I wasn't thinking clearly when I used it in the GAI example above. This would be better...

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  • I experiment with AI, but I never use AI content as is. It's my prompt with initial guidelines, then my revision and new prompts. 

  • A lot of software is being implemented even by Youtubers, for example in the thumbnails, and other private designers for art, like mentioned before. I assume it prob will require disclosure as it gets more popular.

  • Of course, I'd assume it would be used for projects that require creative, new concepts that might be difficult to think of alone. As it becomes more adopted by businesses, the skeleton code model for the AI will prob require disclosure if its companies outsource its usage.

  • I am not using it.  If I had a web site I might use it for some ideas or guidance, and then edit to fit me.    It will be difficult to police the use of AI...

  • Thats really good to know. It makes sense from a liability ppint of view. AI will make disney have a heart attack! They already spend a lot of time before AI taking down content that uses their copyright. I cant imagine how much effort they put in now

  • I work in publishing. All sources of published material must be disclosed. It's not difficult. 

    Failure to do so has consequences.