when do the prizes arrive if you win them?

If I win the giveaway, when does the prize show up?

  • lol no idea never won anything

  • I dont have an answer for you, have you tried contacting the company responsible yet?

  • Usually they'll tell you in either a DM or email with all the info regarding the prize and shipment.

  • depending on your location 5-7 days, usually they will contact you. 

  • It should tell you in the confirmation email.

  • The most recent giveaway says "Allow thirty (30) business days for receipt or arrangement of receipt of Prize" this would be 30days after your valid affidavit and any tax docs if you have to send them. Other conditions usually apply, but those are almost always stated in the confirmation email they send you.

  • Two weeks after submit your address 

  • I'd like to win the i5 Pro and I'll let you know! Slight smile