Anywhere I can get a freebie mouse?

I now am up to three nearly dead mouse's. I'm looking for somewhere I can get a basic PC mouse for free, if possible. I got one with my points from lenovo before but I gave that one to a friend, of course not long after all my mine started dying.  I'm fine with a super basic wired mouse. I have got some from "business/office products" companies before as a sample, but can't find anywhere I haven't already tried that has mice. 

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  • A basic wired mouse on is less than $7. Just use your free points.

  •  Can't say I've seen free mice contests on the internet. Commonly mice are given away for free by companies as apart of a larger prize package.Thrift stores are not free but they're very cheap since mice are plentiful. Other then companies cleaning out old stock not sure where you might go.

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    You should be able to make enough for a mouse in under a week. You will have to pay like 50 cents in taxes, but that's the best I can find.

  • I agree, I have like 7 mouse around the house, but just ask a friend, they probably have one they can lend you, Lenova has some good ones that are very affordable. 

  • This was previously easy to find, but there aren't many free-after-rebate deals these days.

  • I don't know of any free mice/mouse. Sorry they just don't give away any items or products like they used to. 


    As others have already pointed out, let's you purchase products entirely with My Lenovo Rewards (MLR).  Every 1,000 MLR points == $1 (USD).

    We can earn points by participating in Lenovo's communities.  Make sure you complete your profile on each community.  Post replies and topics.  Give and receive likes.  Give and receive mentions.  Above all, participate earnestly and honestly.

    I don't recall where I read it, but attempts to "boost" MLR points may result in disqualification of points, suspension of MLR, and negative consequences.

    I used to donate my MLR to charity.  When that was no longer an option (that I could find), I kept letting my points expire (6-month shelf-life).  Towards the end of 2023,  finally convinced me to start spending them.

    My Lenovo RewardsSo far, I've "bought" the following:

    1. Lenovo PS8 Portable SSD 1 TB → $89.99 - $20.00 (instant savings) - $55.60 (MLR) + $5.86 (sales tax) = $20.25 (after -$75.60 total savings)
    2. Logitech  M510 Wireless Mouse - Black → $27.99 - $27.99 (MLR) + $2.34 (sales tax) = $2.34 (after $27.99 total savings; MLR cannot be used for sales tax)

    Currently, I have $54.24 in MLR remaining: $38.14 expire in July; $7.40 expire in August; etc.  Click the gift icon to access your MLR (see image; click to enlarge).

    Good luck!

  • Search gaming sweepstakes for mouse giveaways.

  • Even just a basic mouse at Wal-Mart is $5 last time I had to get one fast and cheap. Even at the "nicer" stores they are less than $10 for wireless and less for wired. There's a store called Big Lots that has discount everything and I got a Monster brand gaming mouse for $7 and it is honestly one of the most comfortable mice I have ever used. It is wide enough for your whole hand to rest on, so your pinkie and ring finger aren't hanging off like every other mouse. I'm not sure if it's the same Monster brand that used to make really high-end cables, but it is pretty good. I just wish it had more buttons, but I like it more than some $50 and higher gaming mice. Good luck, though.

  • You could still use them for charity if you want. Call a local animal shelter, homeless shelter, women's shelter, ask if they need any office supplies or computer accessories. Ship it directly to their address.